Lucic's plans with Cup reportedly disrupted

Apparently some people in Vancouver still can’t get over the Canucks' loss to the Bruins in the Stanley Cup finals. Milan Lucic is set to have his day with the Stanley Cup in his native Vancouver and according to his mother Snezana, Lucic plans to keep his celebration low key and private due to some recent incidents.

"There is a certain amount of tension right now," Lucic's mom, told the Vancouver Courier. "It's not all of Vancouver, just certain individuals."

According to the article in the Courier, a photo of Lucic in his Bruins uniform at a local hockey rink was vandalized, and last month when Lucic attended a local Greek Festival, a fight broke out in the crowd around him. Plans to bring the Stanley Cup to Kitsilano Beach Park for the sports festival, Kits Fest, have reportedly been scratched and Lucic plans to keep his celebrations with the Cup more private.

This is not the first time the Lucic family has felt the ire of Canucks fans. During Game 1 of the finals, Lucic’s grandparents were harassed at Rogers Arena.

“It’s funny they say that,” Lucic said defending Boston fans at the time. “Because I remember after Game 1, people in Vancouver throwing popcorn and peanuts at my grandparents. That’s almost as low as it gets as that goes. They’re my grandparents. They’re in their 60s. If there is anyone you should show respect to, it’s them."