Lucic on hit: 'I did everything I could'

Milan Lucic, who was suspended for one game for an illegal hit on the Flyers' Zac Rinaldo during Saturday's 6-0 Bruins win, said before Monday night's game against the Canadiens that he did everything he could to make the hit legal.

In pleading his case, Lucic said he told league disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan, "I did everything I could to try to hit his shoulder, to try to make the hit not from behind. As I said after the game, you could see his legs and body turning as he was going into the boards. I felt if I did hit him from behind, he would have gone in headfirst.

"But they didn't see it the same way I did."

While Lucic admitted he didn't agree with the suspension, he said "you have to respect the decision whether you agree with it or not."

He added that the timing was particularly unfortunate.

"It sucks to sit out a game for an incident like this," Lucic said, "especially when we're playing out rivals tonight -- Montreal."