Floyd Sr. preaching change in philosophy

Floyd Mayweather Sr. has encouraged his son to focus on getting his rest throughout training camp. Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

LAS VEGAS -- After years of simmering turmoil that came to a boil with an emotional argument in front of HBO cameras in 2011, Floyd Mayweather Sr. and Jr. are -- for now at least -– reconciled, with Mayweather père returning to his son's corner for this Saturday's clash with Robert Guerrero.

But while the proximate cause of Floyd Sr. taking the place of his brother Roger as the younger Mayweather's trainer is Roger's declining health, the switch has also apparently resulted in a slight change of philosophy in the Mayweather Boxing Gym.

Call it "Hard Work, Relaxation."

"There's certain things only my dad may see in the camp," Floyd Jr. said in a laidback session with reporters at the MGM Grand on Tuesday. "For this fight, I made sure I got more rest. My dad said, 'You need the rest. And when you've rested, you can come back and box in the gym and you're going to look a lot better.' And he was right."

It's a situation he contrasts with the build-up to his most recent contest, a grueling 12-round win over Miguel Cotto in the same ring one year ago.

"I think I was overworked for the Cotto fight. I think I probably overtrained for the Cotto fight," Mayweather Jr. revealed.

And while he is legendary for his workouts and his fitness, he says there is one particular aspect of that camp that worked against him.

"I did more boxing for the Cotto camp. I'd come into the gym and one day I'd box 12 rounds and the next day I boxed another 12 rounds, and the next day I'd come back and do 10," he said. "And we're talking all of this within five days, so that's a lot of wear and tear on a body. But I shouldn't even have been making the mistakes I was making in the Cotto fight. I wasn't the best Floyd Mayweather. But I'm not crying or complaining. I got the job done."