Dawson takes wrong tack after tackle

The boxing blogosphere is awash with angry diatribes regarding last Saturday's pay-per-view fiasco in which Chad Dawson scored a controversial TKO against Bernard Hopkins. While boxing insiders have been obsessing over whether the decision will or should be overturned (yours truly included), there is one aspect of this mess that has been largely overlooked -- the postfight media conference.

Dawson's bizarre, gloat-filled rant included, among other things, the fighter holding his young son at the lectern while calling out a slightly bemused Jean Pascal (who, lest we forget, beat Dawson) and mocking his "tight pants."

Let's be clear: When you train for eight weeks and come out victorious, elation is an understandable emotion. When you earn $800,000 for a short night's work, even more so. But when you win in the manner Dawson did, regardless of who was at fault, a little humility goes a long way. Why? Because when fans pay good money for a bad PPV, it might make their wallets forgive everyone concerned that much quicker.

Another side of the sport

From a bad media conference to a wholly different one, a moment that showed two fighters who give it their all in the ring, regardless of prior animosity, are capable of forming a bond of mutual respect that will likely endure for years to come.

For the past six months, Tony Bellew and Nathan Cleverly traded verbal jabs as freely as the punches they threw at each other Saturday in the United Kingdom. After the fight, Bellew, broken hand and blood-stained urine sample in tow, wept uncontrollably. Cleverly put his arm around Bellew, who knew that his all wasn't quite good enough.

'Maravilla' in Moscow

As you may recall, last week there were some rather dubious reports of Sergio Martinez being offered huge money to fight the unheralded Dmitry Pirog in Russia.

Well, this week Martinez's promoter, Lou DiBella, has elaborated a little further.
We find out that, with no obvious interest from either HBO or Showtime, Martinez has no interest in Pirog. Shocking isn't it? Martinez, unanimously regarded as the world's No. 3 fighter but who struggles for exposure in the U.S., doesn't want to fight in Russia, which would provide him no television exposure whatsoever.

No more trash talk from Munroe

Rendall Munroe has spent years juggling his jobs as a trash collector and a top bantamweight fighter. But now the multi-tasking stops, as he has decided to call it quits on the trash truck and focus full time on boxing. But never fear -- his "Boxing Binman" ring moniker will live on. Speaking to the BBC, Munroe explained:

"Everyone recognizes me as the 'Boxing Binman' -- a lot of people don't even know what my name is, they just know me as the binman. That's the thing that's worked for me, and if it carries on, it carries on."

Something fishy about Khan

Mike Tyson loves pigeons. Alfredo "Perro" Angulo has a thing for dogs. (Or is just dog collars? Who knows.) And then there's light welterweight king Amir Khan, who really "loves tropical fish." Who would have guessed?