The other corner

I've written quite a bit about Freddie Roach, who's definitely the A-side in the battle of the trainers.

But what about Lenny De Jesus, the little-known substitute taking the reins of Joshua Clottey's corner?

"A corner that hollers and yells too much is no good," De Jesus told reporters Thursday.

Is that kind of chaotic hollering and yelling possible in Clottey's corner Saturday night?

"Yes. [Clottey] has his group; they like to yell. I told them, 'You holler, you're out.'"

As for how well his charge will do, DeJesus offered this kinda sorta optimistic prediction: "If he listens, I've got a winner."

"I've been through it all," he said. "It doesn't faze me -- training. It's about the one who wants it most. I have the stronger and bigger guy. My guy is a little slower, but we'll put on some different movements. I feel confident the bigger guy will beat the little guy."