Friday morning e-mails

March, 12, 2010
Joshua Clottey and Miguel CottoAP Photo/Peter MorganJoshua Clottey, right, doesn't use his height as well as he should.
Thanks to those who have dropped me e-mails here.

John Paul Manahan writes, "I saw you being interviewed here on local Philippine TV. You look shabby as always."

Um, thanks?

Boris Gelfand asks:

"How much bigger does Joshua Clottey look than Manny Pacquiao? He certainly looks taller, and I recall Roach did not want PacMan to fight Foreman solely because of height. Also, is Clottey showing anything new/different [radiating confidence or some kind of vibe] that would make someone think an upset is possible, or is he the same old "happy to be here, let me get paid and fight a close fight" self?

Boris, Clottey is certainly taller than Pacquiao, but not as much as Yuri Foreman would be. Clottey also doesn't fight tall the way Foreman does; Foreman likes to use his reach, but Clottey is more of an inside fighter. Pacquiao's corner plans for the Filipino to be the one fighting from distance. Clottey is quietly confident, and really believes his size will be a factor and that Pacquiao won't be able to hit him cleanly.
Kieran Mulvaney covers boxing for, and Reuters, and also blogs for Discovery Channel News.



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