Updating the Bills' playoff picture

Is it too early to start scoreboard watching?

For the Buffalo Bills, probably not. With five games left in their season, the 4-7 Bills will get back to work Monday, preparing for Sunday's game against the 2-9 Atlanta Falcons.

We've mentioned this plenty over the past week, but it's worth repeating: if the Bills want to make the playoffs, they'll likely have to win each of their remaining games, beginning Sunday in Toronto.

Beyond that, the Bills will need as much help as they can get from the rest of the wide-open AFC field.

Here's a look at how the other teams in the hunt for the final AFC spot fared Sunday:

Tennessee Titans (5-6): defeated Oakland Raiders

Baltimore Ravens (5-6): defeated New York Jets

Pittsburgh Steelers (5-6): defeated Cleveland Browns

Miami Dolphins (5-6): lost to Carolina Panthers

San Diego Chargers (5-6): defeated Kansas City Chiefs

Jets (5-6): lost to Ravens

Browns (4-7): lost to Steelers

Raiders (4-7): lost to Titans

Bills (4-7): bye week

Looking forward to Week 13, the Bills will have a chance to creep further into the wild card pack, but they will still be at least one game behind in the standings. Head-to-head matchups between the Steelers and Ravens, as well as the Jets and Dolphins, ensure there will be at least two 6-6 teams entering Week 14.

Of the teams who are part of the playoff logjam, the Bills should be rooting for the Ravens, Dolphins, and Jets down the stretch. Buffalo split their season series with the Jets, have a chance to sweep the Dolphins in Week 16, and defeated the Ravens in Week 4, which are all factors which could work in the Bills' advantage in a tiebreaker.

On the flip-side, Bills losses to Pittsburgh and Cleveland will come back to bite them in the event of a tiebreaker with either team.