Bills positional review: Wide receivers

Back in September, we broke down the Buffalo Bills' 53-man roster, position-by-position. Now that the Bills' season has ended, we'll review those grades:

Position: Wide receiver (preseason grades)


Robert Woods -- 78.4 percent

T.J. Graham -- 70.9 percent

Stevie Johnson -- 60.4 percent

Marquise Goodwin -- 27.0 percent

Chris Hogan -- 16.1 percent

Marcus Easley -- 5.3 percent


Preseason take: Absent Woods or Goodwin being a major disappointment, the Bills are deep at receiver. The one question mark lies in the No. 2 receiver: Is it Woods or Graham? Since the Bills anticipate playing a majority of three-receiver sets, that may not necessarily matter on paper. However, if an opponent's top cornerback is able to take away Johnson, then Woods or Graham will need to step up and put defenses on notice. Grade: A-

Postseason review: Neither Woods nor Goodwin was a disappointment, but the oversight here may have been with Graham. In terms of snap counts, Woods and Graham wound up as the top two receivers. However, if Stevie Johnson played a full 16 games -- he missed four games -- then Graham's playing time would have slipped. For being on the field nearly three-quarters of the time, finishing with 23 receptions was a disappointment for the second-year receiver. Had Graham picked up more slack for Johnson's absence, then the depth at this position would have been better, but this grade was too generous.


Preseason take: Johnson has played three consecutive 16-game seasons, but missed time this training camp with a hamstring injury. Another tweak could always keep him out a game or two, but that isn't a major concern. As with most receivers coming out of the draft, there will be questions with Woods and Goodwin until they prove themselves on a consistent basis. Dropped passes in particular are something to look out for with Woods. Grade: B

Postseason review: Johnson did miss two games after tweaking his lower back, and later, his hip. He also battled through hamstring and groin issues for parts of the season, so injuries were more than a minor concern for the Bills' top receiver. Meanwhile, Woods missed time with an ankle injury and Goodwin broke his hand before dealing with hamstring, elbow, and knee injuries later in the season. When they were on the field, both rookies made strides towards proving themselves, but because of the rash of injuries at this position, this grade should have been lower.