Whaley: Moving draft to May doesn't help

The NFL moved the draft to May this year, adding two weeks to a scouting process that began last summer.

Count Buffalo Bills general manager Doug Whaley among those who aren't big fans of the decision.

"I'd say, for us, it doesn't help us," Whaley said at the Bills' pre-draft luncheon Friday. "I'm a firm believer in the saying, 'study long, study wrong.' I like to go with my gut, my gut feeling."

Whaley moved the Bills' draft meetings -- when scouts gather at the team facility once last time -- back two weeks to accommodate the schedule. He also gave his staff a week off for the Easter holiday.

"We wanted to get away, clear our brains," Whaley said. "We're tired about thinking about it. So we said, 'You know what? Instead of sitting here, banging our heads up against the wall, let's go and refresh ourselves, get ready to attack the last two weeks.'"

The NFL has yet to make a decision about when 2015 draft will be held.