The story behind the 'Even Janitor' call by Panthers QB Cam Newton

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- "Even Janitor" is not the new "Omaha," according to Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator Mike Shula.

Carolina quarterback Cam Newton was caught on a microphone saying "Even Janitor" when calling an audible in the no-huddle offense during Sunday's 38-10 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The mic also picked up one of Newton's linemen saying, "Is that real?" That was followed by Newton responding softly with, "Yeah."

In reality, both lines probably knew Newton was trying to throw off the Buccaneers.

Shula was asked about the "Even Janitor" call on Monday when talking about some of Newton's creativity in running the offense.

He insisted it wasn't the same as Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning shouting "Omaha!"

"Oh, no, it's nothing like that," Shula said with a laugh. "It could mean something one week. It could mean totally nothing the next week.

"Obviously, when you're using the no-huddle and you have to use words and signals and all that kind of stuff ... you've got to be creative in that regard because teams can pick up on that. ... He's got a good imagination."

Shula said the term has been used on and off by Newton throughout this season.

When asked specifically if it was a Newton original, Shula smiled and said, "I can't 100 percent confirm that. Somebody on offense. I think it was him, though."