Cam Newton is real comic book hero now

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It's a bird. It's a plane. It's ... "The Blender"?

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has long been associated with the comic book hero "Superman'' because of the way he pulls his jersey as if to expose the "S'' on his chest after big plays.

On Tuesday, he became a real comic book hero as Gatorade, one of his sponsors, introduced him as "The Blender" as part of its "Freaks" online series.

"The Blender" is supposed to be Newton's alter-ego in that he blends the style of different quarterbacks. He is portrayed as a multi-faceted athlete who can hurt opponents with his arms and his legs.

Coincidentally or not, it was released on Tuesday, the day after Newton beat the New England Patriots 24-20 with his arms and legs in a "Monday Night Football" spectacular.

Houston defensive lineman J.J. Watt also is featured as "Megawatt."

For a full color look at "The Blender," click here.