Yes, Rex Ryan talked to Rob about Panthers

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Surprise, surprise. New York Jets coach Rex Ryan already has talked to his twin brother Rob, the defensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints that beat the Carolina Panthers 31-13 on Sunday night.

Whether or not it'll help is another question.

"Our defenses are two different defenses,'' Rex said on Wednesday as he prepared for Sunday's game at Carolina. "He has his own style, so do we. But again, without question I’ve already talked to him about the things that he picked up.''

He didn't elaborate on those things as you might expect. But he spoke highly of Carolina coach Ron Rivera, who played linebacker for his dad Buddy for two seasons (1984-85) with the Chicago Bears.

Buddy was the defensive coordinator, but left after the '85 Super Bowl year to become the head coach at Philadelphia.

"They drafted the same year Wilbur Marshall and Ron, and my dad was more impressed with Ron because he just took to it immediately,'' Rex said. "He was so smart, he knew the game, great instincts, all that. He never needed reps.

"Obviously, he’s a tough guy and was a physical player which my dad always appreciated. But it was more his brains than brawn that really impressed my dad.''

Rivera's probably smart enough to figure out the Ryan brothers have talked.