Kuechly featured in 'Madden NFL 15' teaser

For those who didn't know Carolina Panthers middle linebacker Luke Kuechly was transforming into something special, EA Sports is here to remind you.

Kuechly stars in the first mini-trailer for "Madden NFL 15'' that will be released on Aug. 26.

The detail, down to nostrils flaring as Kuechly completes the transformation from human to video character, is amazing.

"I'm transforming ... into something I never knew I could become,'' Kuechly says in the teaser. "If you don't know me by now, you will.''

It's safe to say most who follow the NFL know who Kuechly is after he tied a league single-game record with 24 tackles against New Orleans this past season and was named the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year.