Check out the footwork of LT candidate

Since it's Memorial Day Monday, when many of you are out having a good time, I wanted to share a festive moment from the Carolina Panthers locker room last week.

It comes courtesy of running back Jonathan Stewart, who shared with the social media world a video of tackle Byron Bell and linebacker Jason Bell showing their groove thing to George Clinton's 1982 hit "Atomic Dog.''

The 6-foot-5, 340-pound Bell has better moves than one might expect for a big man. Perhaps the nimble footwork will come in handy as he battles Nate Chandler for the starting left tackle job that became available when Jordan Gross retired.

If that doesn't work out, perhaps "Dancing With The Stars'' is in his future.

Stewart seemed impressed.

"Hey, check the footwork,'' he said toward the end of the video.

Bell's footwork will get a lot of attention when offseason workouts move to the field on Tuesday as he attempts to make the transition from right to left tackle.

If it works out, you might see a video of general manager Dave Gettleman dancing in the locker room.