Did you know Day 1: Underwood's hair

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Not everything in the NFL has to be about Xs and Os, so over the next five days I'll look at what I'm calling my "Did You Know?" list for the Carolina Panthers.

What better place to start than Tiquan Underwood's hair?

If you didn't know who Underwood was without a jersey number -- for the record, he's 11 -- you'd recognize him by his hi-top fade.

Without the hairstyle, Underwood is 6-foot-1. With it, he's about 6-4.

"I'll take that," Underwood said with a smile.

If you're not familiar with the hairstyle, think of Kid from Kid 'n Play, a hip-hop act popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Carolina quarterback Cam Newton actually refers to Underwood as Kid 'n Play.

Just don't expect Underwood, who was born in 1987, to do Kid 'n Play's "Funky Charleston" dance.

"I was a young boy when that was out," he said.

Underwood began the hairdo almost four years ago as a joke on a dare from friends. Now that it's become his signature thing, he has no plans to change it.

"While I'm playing ball, I'm going to keep it," said Underwood, who was signed as a free agent from Tampa Bay during the offseason. "Depending on my job after football, hopefully I can keep it."

The question most ask about the hair is how he gets a helmet over it. For the record, it doesn't require an oversized helmet.

"Because the hair is so soft, it just pushes it down," Underwood said, pushing the hair down with his hands to demonstrate.

Here's a look at the hair via a tweet from the Panthers:

I took this picture of Underwood's hair during offseason workouts and tweeted it:

A follower doctored the picture between the hair and the Uptown high rise to make it look like 10-feet of hair. Underwood saw it and laughed, as he does with all the jokes and comments about his hair.

"The fans seem to love it," he said. "I just run with it. It's something off the field that is pretty cool."