Did you know Day 4? Does height matter?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Fourth on my list of five things surrounding the Carolina Panthers that have nothing to do with Xs and Os on the "Did You Know?" list is size.

Does it matter?

Former cornerback Captain Munnerlyn apparently had a hang-up about it. He was so tired of the ribbing he took for being the shortest player on the team late last season that he challenged fullback Mike Tolbert to stand back-to-back with him for a measure off.

It was close.

So who is the shortest player with the 5-foot-8 Munnerlyn now in Minnesota? You'd think that automatically went to the 5-9 Tolbert, but officially running backs DeAngelo Williams and Kenjon Barner are listed at the same height.

Tolbert insists reserve back Darrin Reaves should be on that list as well, but he's listed at 5-10. But in a world where you face 6-4, 290-pund defensive ends, Tolbert is short.

"I might be taller than DeAngelo," Tolbert insists. "The only way he might be taller than me is his hair."

Tolbert basically has a buzz cut. Williams has dreadlocks that drape over his shoulders.

As Tolbert makes his case, Williams approaches and says something about his teammate's girth. At 5-9 and 245 pounds, there is no doubt Tolbert is the heaviest short man on the team.

They do call him bowling ball.

"Everybody knows I'm fat," Tolbert says.

And he doesn't mind.

"Being the so-called fat, short guy, you have to prove to everybody that you are a beast no matter what," Tolbert says. "I'm not worried about it."

Coming off a Pro Bowl season, he shouldn't be.

As for Munnerlyn's accusation that Tolbert is the shortest member of the team?

"Man, Cap talks," Tolbert says. "That's all he does is talk. Ain't nobody worried about Captain Munnerlyn. I already handled that."