Did you know Day 5? 212-foot video boards

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Last on my list of five things surrounding the Carolina Panthers that have nothing to do with X's and O's on the "Did You Know?" list is television.

As in video boards.

The new video boards at renovated Bank of America Stadium are two and a half times the size of the old one. It doesn't rival the video board at Texas Motor Speedway, which has surpassed the one at Charlotte Motor Speedway as the largest high definition screen in the world.

But it's a huge upgrade and will enhance the experience for fans. The team posted a photo of one of the new video boards on Instagram:

Let team president Danny Morrison take it from here on what team owner Jerry Richardson wanted to accomplish.

"The whole premise was to take this classic American stadium, because there are not many bowls anymore, and put the very best technology in it for the fan experience,'' Morrison says.

"Mr. Richardson's directive for us as we were embarking on it was the majority of what we need to do should impact 74,000 fans, improve the fan experience, maintain the classic look of the stadium and also keep this stadium in a park feel.''

The video boards at the end of the stands behind each end zone, fitted on a platform that is five times as large as the previous one, is the crown jewel of this project.

"They're large, but they fit scale and with the arch on it they fit with the integrity of the stadium,'' Morrison says. "We'll be the only NFL stadium with two 360 ribbon boards. We'll use the upper ribbon board primarily for game central, a lot of information for our fans from fantasy football to social media stuff.''

There also will be a new "distributed'' sound system that should allow fans to hear the play-by-play better -- not to mention what's being said on the video boards -- and escalators that will take fans to the 300 and 500 levels.

"I don't think there is a better place to watch football in America,'' Morrison says.

Does that mean the Panthers are ready to bid for a Super Bowl?

"The question always on that is the infrastructure in Charlotte,'' Morrison says. "We have the facility to certainly be able to handle that. But you've got to be able to have the hotel rooms and the infrastructure. That's the key element on that.''

That's still a few years away.