Jay Cutler ranks 7th in player-friendly quarterback contracts


The size of Jay Cutler’s contract is still a hotly debated topic in Chicago nearly 17 months after the Bears awarded the quarterback a seven-year, $126.7 million deal with $54 million in guarantees.

While the Bears are now committed to Cutler as their quarterback in the fall, the guaranteed money left on Cutler’s deal in 2015 and 2016 killed any hope of trading him in the offseason. The Bears did speak with the Tennessee Titans leading up to the draft, but Tennessee had no interest in assuming the contract ex-general manager Phil Emery gave Cutler on January 2, 2014.

So how player friendly is Cutler’s contract compared to other NFL quarterbacks?

ESPN NFL Insider Mike Sando ranked the veteran quarterback deals around the league based on which ones are most appealing from a player standpoint.

Cutler’s contract finished seventh on the list, according to Sando’s calculations.

Four of the six quarterbacks ahead of Cutler have won Super Bowls.

The other two have each made four Pro Bowls and four playoff appearances.

Since entering the league in 2006, Cutler has been to the Pro Bowl (2008) and playoffs (2010) just one time.

Taking everything into consideration; a strong argument can be made that Cutler needed to be bumped up on Sando’s list. Cutler’s contract is extremely player friendly as it relates to his career NFL accomplishments.