Bears have not beaten a winning team


CHICAGO -- "Every time we've had a win all year, we've tried to use it as a starting point to get some momentum going," Bears linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer said on Sunday. "The fact of the matter is, until we start stacking some wins up, it's just one game."

The Bears were able to stack some wins earlier in the season -- they won three straight before the bye -- but that string of success seems like a distant memory. Maybe the most depressing statistic is that the Bears have not beaten a team that currently owns a winning record. Most view Pittsburgh as this group's "signature" win, but the Steelers have fallen on hard times and currently sit at 6-6. Speaking of depressing, the last three Bears victories have come against teams with a combined record of 4-32 -- Lions 2-10, Browns 1-11 and Rams 1-11.

There's no way to wipe away the disappointment of this season, but stealing a game or two against the likes of Green Bay (7-4), Baltimore (6-5) or Minnesota (10-2) would at least give the Bears something positive to take moving forward.

It's not like the Bears can screw up their draft position with a few late season victories.