Where has Aromashodu been?


CHICAGO -- In the aftermath of Sunday's loss to Green Bay, the same question keeps popping up; Why didn't the Bears use receiver Devin Aromashodu earlier in the season?

I can think of five reasons:

(1) Devin Hester signed a 4-year extension worth roughly $40 million -- with $15 million guaranteed.

(2) Earl Bennett was a third-round pick in 2008.

(3) Johnny Knox is a very talented and promising young wide out, who also happens to be a fifth round pick -- somebody outside of Al Afalava had to contribute from this draft class, right? Do we have to remind everybody again about Jarron Gilbert, Juaquin Iglesias, Henry Melton, D.J. Moore, Marcus Freeman (cut), Lance Louis and Derek Kinder (cut)?

(4) The Bears were only dressing four receivers on game day for a good chuck on the season -- Rashied Davis is always active because of special teams.

(5) Aromashodu, who is not a draft pick, does not make a lot of money -- players with two credited NFL seasons earn $460,000 in 2009.

None of the reasons listed above has anything to do with ability. But you probably already knew that.