Childress on Favre: We're on same page

Last weekend's sideline skirmish between Brad Childress and Brett Favre is just the latest episode between the two. Brett Davis/US Presswire

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Minnesota Vikingscoach Brad Childress insists his relationship with quarterback Brett Favre is still intact, after cameras caught the two arguing on the sidelines during the Vikings loss to the Carolina Panthers on Sunday night,.

"I think we're both on the same page," Childress said on a conference call Wednesday with Chicago media. "It hasn't been a distraction or divisive. He's a good player, and there's a lot of conversations that go on among a lot of different positions, head coaches, position coaches. Maybe if it wasn't on national television, and we were playing somebody in a smaller market ... We were [just] standing there talking to each other."

"I'm always animated when I speak. I don't know if I've got Italian blood or what. I speak with my hands."

Childress said he was not upset that Favre was so forthright with the media after the game. Favre told reporters he was upset Childress wanted to take him out late in the defeat to Carolina.

"He's an emotional football player, it's part of his makeup that makes him good," Childress said. "I understand that he is Brett Favre as well, sometimes bigger than life in terms of what gets said and what gets talked about. But he's a good team player here, and he has been the whole time he's been here. I have nothing but admiration and respect, as does our whole football team."

Favre threw for 392 yards and three touchdowns against the Bears last month.