No holiday spirit for Cutler

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- At least one thing made Jay Cutler smile Wednesday.

Asked if he thought Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith would ever pull him out of a 7-6 game (as Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress tried to do to Brett Favre) because he was taking a beating, Cutler replied with some laughter.

"I don't think Lovie would do that," Cutler chuckled.

That was about the only feel-good moment of the five-and-a-half-minute press conference. The quarterback answered questions about Jared Allen, the Vikings' defense, and of course, all the outside criticism that comes with a 25-interception season.

"I don't worry about anybody's observations except for the people in this building," Cutler said. "Whatever you guys write, whatever you guys do, that's your deal. I can't get wrapped up in what's going on outside of this building."

A minute or two later, a determined reporter tried to lighten the mood by asking Cutler about his Christmas plans.

"I'm spending it with my family," Cutler said, brushing both the question and the questioner aside.

After a few awkward seconds, a Bears official mercifully ended the session. No big deal, Cutler must not be in the holiday spirit. Come on, after the kind season he's had, can you blame him?