Bates-Cutler reunion may not happen

CHICAGO -- Jeremy Bates may not be headed toward a reunion with Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen. Citing league sources, Mortensen reports the Seattle Seahawks have targeted USC head coach Pete Carroll to replace Jim Mora, who was fired earlier Friday, and that Carroll is trying persuade Bates to follow him up the coast to Seattle.

Here are the two big problems facing the Bears:

  • Seattle can offer security. If Carroll gets the job, he will likely receive a four- or five-year deal. On the flip side, Lovie Smith has one season left to turn things around at Halas Hall. If he doesn't, how can Smith possibly survive? What would happen to Bates if Smith left after 2010?

  • Seahawks owner Paul Allen has deep pockets, and is committed to putting a winning product on the field regardless of the cost. Although the Bears are not frugal when it comes to the roster, they do not overspend for assistant coaches.

  • The Bears do have Cutler, but is that enough?