Fewell holding out for Bills' top spot

CHICAGO -- While the Chicago Bears search to fill their vacant offensive coaching positions continues to heat up, the quest for a defensive coordinator has come to a screeching halt. The Bears may begin to speak with other candidates in the coming days, but their clear cut No. 1 choice to run the defense remains Perry Fewell.

But according to multiple sources familiar with the situation, Fewell continues to hold out hope he'll land the Buffalo Bills head coaching job, thereby delaying any decision regarding the defensive coordinator openings in Chicago and New York. However, there is no guarantee the Giants will continue to wait much longer for Fewell to make up his mind, so this current strategy does not come without risk.

On the other hand, the Bears may be content to sit tight if they know they'll land their guy in the end. But the longer this drags out, the less leverage Fewell may have in fielding offers from both teams, thus driving up his price. Do the Bears strike you as a franchise dumb enough to bid against themselves? This isn't Jim Hendry/Alfonso Soriano we're talking about here.