Martz interview makes perfect sense

CHICAGO -- Interviewing Mike Martz should not be perceived as a sign of desperation by the Chicago Bears.

Look at the facts.

Martz has been an NFL coordinator at three different stops (St. Louis Rams, Detroit Lions, San Francisco 49ers), guiding the Rams' offense to a Super Bowl title in 1999. He helped Lions quarterback Jon Kitna pass for more than 4,000 yards in 2006, and turned Shaun Hill into a decent quarterback with the Niners in 2008.

His record as Rams' head coach is equally as impressive: 56-36 overall, including another trip to the Super Bowl in 2001.

Wherever Martz has gone, the offense has improved. If the Bears are truly looking at the best available candidates, how could Martz not be on that list?

Nobody is saying Martz is perfect (his personality has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way), or that he's a lock for the job (there are questions about the run game and his relationships with Rod Marinelli and Jay Cutler), but his past accomplishments certainly warranted the interview he got on Friday at Halas Hall.

If Martz isn't qualified to meet with the Bears, then who is?