Martz: Bears to be 'judicious' using Hester

Mike Martz has been making the rounds in the media this week after officially starting as the Chicago Bears offensive coordinator on Monday. In a Q&A with the team's Web site, Chicagobears.com, Martz talks about the balance of using Devin Hester on offense and special teams.

Q: What role do you envision Devin Hester filling on offense?

Martz: I think he’s still the best special teams return guy in the league, period. We have to be careful about how much we ask him to do on offense. That’s really a reason the Bears have won some games is because of Devin and what he does in the return game. So we’ll be very judicious in what we ask him to do offensively. But he’ll be very involved and we’ll ask him to do some really dynamic things where we can get him isolated in [favorable] personnel match-ups.

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