Bears' special teams coach confident

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Bears special teams coach Dave Toub has reason to smile.

Ranked as one of top units in the NFL since Toub's arrival in 2004, the Bears' special teams had an uncharacteristically bumpy preseason.

But now that rosters and starting lineups have essentially been set, Toub is able to welcome back his main special teams contributors on a full-time basis.

"Just the fact it's a regular-season game and guys aren't playing offense, defense and special teams, it's a big advantage," Toub said. "Plus, to have our core guys, the guys that have been through it, it helps. We're fortunate we have a lot of guys back from last year. [Nick Roach] is solid, he's so smart, and you have to be able to think on your feet to be a good special teams player.

"You got [Corey] Graham back, Garrett [Wolfe], Rashied [Davis], all good players. We're looking forward to it."

One new face Toub has spent a considerable amount of time with in the past two weeks is rookie safety Major Wright. Although Wright is expected to challenge for a starting spot at safety, his tenure in the NFL will likely begin with a stint on special teams.

"He missed a lot," Toub said. "We had him in the first game, he played a bunch and did a good job. I would've liked to have had him for the rest of the preseason but unfortunately we didn't. He's a little behind, so hopefully we're catching him up this week. He's a good football player, so we think he's going to be a good player for us on special teams."

"He's got the right attitude and he's a tough guy. Obviously he's a great athlete, smart, he's got all the attributes you need to be a good special teams player."