Bears face crossroads against Packers

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- A cordon of cameras surrounded the man with the diamond stud in his left ear and the hook shaved into his hair.

D.J. Moore, the heretofore invisible defensive back, was holding court with a full array of reporters, showing off his wit and talking about the inner confidence that allowed him to catch two tipped balls for interceptions in the Bears' win over Dallas on Sunday.

Andy Warhol couldn't have predicted it better.

And Moore, an inveterate chatterbox, summed up his life as a cipher last season.

"I might've done one [interview]," he said. "And that was in the mirror."

Moore was joking. I think.

Fifteen-minute heroes such as Moore are a way of life for a good football team, and the Bears are a good football team, as Lovie Smith is wont to say.

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