Bears' coverage unit must contain Tate

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- The Bears can ill afford another sloppy game by their coverage units when they square off against New England on Sunday.

One negative in the Bears' 24-20 victory in Detroit was allowing Lions return man Stefan Logan to pop a 60-yard kickoff return in the fourth quarter. For the day, Logan averaged 38.7 yards on three kickoff returns, and also took a punt back 19 yards.

"We had major issues [on coverage], we didn't have good lane integrity," Garrett Wolfe said. "We just weren't staying our lanes, but when we do keep that integrity, it forces the runner to come inside. You might not be making that tackle, but you force him to another guy. We didn't even do a good job on that first punt, either, when Logan had 19 yards."

On Sunday, the Bears will be forced to contain New England's Brandon Tate, who has already taken back two kickoff returns for touchdowns on the year. The Bears know that giving the Pats good field position would be disastrous, since New England's offense ranks No. 1 in points scored (31.6).

"Tate is a very good returner, but he is different than Logan," Wolfe said. "Logan is very explosive, but Tate is fast, even though they list him as a 4.6 [40-yard dash] guy, he's certainly fast enough to take it the distance. It's just a different approach, because Logan is more of a bounce [outside] guy, as opposed to Tate.

"But the bottom line, you never want to give an offense, let alone this offense, great field position. Even though we have a talented defense, and they've done a great job this year of keeping us in games, there are only so many times they can lock down teams. We can't keep putting teams on the 40-yard line, because it puts way too much pressure on the defense."