Forget venue, Bears focused on Peterson

With their quarterbacks banged up, the Vikings are likely to lean more on Adrian Peterson. AP Photo

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Regardless of the venue, the Bears will play the Minnesota Vikings in Week 15, and therefore must prepare to face a team dealing with uncertainty at the quarterback position.

Brett Favre (shoulder/hand), Joe Webb (hamstring), Tarvaris Jackson (turf toe) or a quarterback to be named later all remain possibilities to line up under center Monday night versus the Bears.

"[We] prepare the same way we always prepare, [which is] setting edges, stopping the run, making our opponent one dimensional, and when you get opportunities, get after the quarterback," Bears defensive end Israel Idonije said. "It doesn't matter who the quarterback is. What we do as a defense is the same."

Uncertainty at quarterback may force the Vikings to try to run the ball more with Adrian Peterson, although Peterson is coming off a poor performance against the Giants, and is himself dealing with an ankle injury.

"He's an exceptional back, and we've played him plenty," Idonije said. "In the games we are not disciplined, he's had career games. The games that we stay fundamentally [sound], set the edges, stay in our gaps, play sound and trust the guy next to you, we've had success as a defense.

"So as great as he is, he's only as great as you allow him to be. If you don't play well and fundamentally [sound], he'll exploit you. The guy has the ability to run away from anybody on the field, so you have to shorten the field, force him into tight gaps where the linebackers and secondary can come in and make the tackle in a small space. But if you stretch the field out and make those guys come in and try to tackle him in big gaps, it's tough."

Peterson rushed for only 51 yards in the Bears' 27-13 victory over Minnesota on November 14 at Soldier Field.