Dilfer remains critical of Cutler's mechanics

Trent Dilfer said Jay Cutler's poor mechanics could limit his development. Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Former NFL quarterback and current ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer's message to Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is simple: Fix your mechanics.

Bears fans may roll their eyes, because Dilfer has been an outspoken critic of Cutler the entire year, but the former Super Bowl winning quarterback claims to speak from experience on the topic of poor technique.

“I speak on this subject with intimate knowledge because it really hurt my career," Dilfer said on a conference call this week. "The limiting factor in reaching your athletic potential is wrong mechanics. It doesn't mean you can't be good, but you'll never reach your full potential with wrong mechanics.

"You look at a guy like Jay Cutler and your jaw drops with all the potential he has. But then you're frustrated because you wonder, does he not understand how good he could be if he just fixed and dedicated himself to fixing some very basic principles of his mechanics? He could be an elite player in this league, but he won't be until he dedicates himself to dealing with the basic things that will bring out and maximize his potential. They tend to show up, the laziness with his mechanics, the flaws show up, late in games, red zones, critical downs, tight games."