Vikes won't change draft strategy

INDIANAPOLIS -- Chicago Bears general manager Jerry Angelo isn't scheduled to address the local media until Friday, but it has been interesting to hear how other NFL teams are approaching the draft in the midst of labor uncertainty.

If the current CBA expires in the late hours of March 3, NFL teams would not be able to sign any free agents until a new agreement is reached. In theory, the inability to add veteran players to a roster could impact the way organizations approach the upcoming draft. For example; teams might be more inclined to draft for need, instead of value or want, because how else can organizations fill holes on the roster if free agency is delayed?

Vikings vice president of player personnel Rick Spielman, however, plans to conduct business as usual.

"No. We've always been a big draft-the-best-available-player on the board [team]," Spielman said Thursday at Lucas Oil Stadium. "We'll continue to do that.

"Until things are resolved, nothing has changed for us. We are going out and do our normal procedures. We'll continue to do that until somebody tells us otherwise. We're just working under the rules we are under, and are doing everything we've done in the past."

It'll be interesting to hear Angelo's take on the subject.