Bears going the distance on adversity

October, 20, 2011

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- As he prepared to leave rainy, cold Chicago for, well, London, an excited Lance Briggs said he wanted to make a travel video.

"National Football League's European Vacation," perhaps? Couldn't you just picture Brian Urlacher in his monotone delivery, "Big Ben, Parliament."

Fat chance there. Urlacher, ever the cultural anthropologist, said he doesn't plan on leaving his hotel room.

Much like a trip to Detroit, the Bears' overseas trip will be enjoyed by some, loathed by others. Some guys are like Briggs, a bon vivant who wants to roam London and experience some local flavor. Some are like Urlacher, a slavish creature of habit who just wants to watch an Adam Sandler movie on the hotel TV and eat a McSomething.

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Jon Greenberg

Jon Greenberg is a columnist for He has lived and worked in Chicago since 2003, and is a graduate of Ohio University and the University of Chicago.



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