Strip saves Tillman's long day

November, 20, 2011
CHICAGO -- After a game that typified his position, and perhaps his career, cornerback Charles "Peanut" Tillman eyed his button-down pursuers warily with his red-tinted contact lenses.

"You guys waiting for me?" he asked a group of reporters in the locker room, as he put on his black Hugo Boss jeans, Gucci belt and Gucci shoes. "I can't sneak away?"

Tillman likes to be difficult with the media. It's the everyday defense he plays, the Don't-Cover-Me.

"The only reason I talk to y'all is because they make me," he said with a half-smile after the Bears' convincing 31-20 victory over the San Diego Chargers, their fifth consecutive win. "I'm only doing this because [Bears PR guy Scott] Hagel keeps making me talk to y'all."

Tillman had a game to forget or remember, depending on your take. Do you believe in the journey or the destination? Do you grade on perfection or embrace the redemptive nature of the game?

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Jon Greenberg

Jon Greenberg is a columnist for He has lived and worked in Chicago since 2003, and is a graduate of Ohio University and the University of Chicago.



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