Williams takes blame -- sort of -- for loss

Roy Williams doesn't believe his drop cost the Bears the game, but he'll take the blame. AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

Chicago Bears receiver Roy Williams seemed to have nearly as much trouble affixing blame for Sunday's loss to the Kansas City Chiefs as he did trying to handle the potential touchdown pass that would have tied the game in the fourth quarter.

Instead, Williams bobbled the pass from Caleb Hanie, and Chiefs safety Jon McGraw came up with the interception that sealed the Chiefs' 10-3 win.

"It's my fault," Williams told reporters. "You have to make those plays. Did that lose the game? No. There are a lot of things that happened before that that we could have stacked on.

"But in my mind, yes it (did lose the game). In the fans' mind, yes it does. So it's on me. Put it on me. That's fine."

Hanie, who threw three picks on the day, wasn't putting the blame on Williams.

"Yeah, those things are going to happen," Hanie said. "People like to focus on one play in particular that makes or breaks the game, but there's a lot of different plays you can point at that we should have done better on. It's just one of those tough breaks right there."

McGraw was in the right place at the right time.

"I saw him throw it, and my eyes went to the receiver and then I saw a whole bunch of guys," McGraw said. "Then it squired through, and I got it just in time before it hit the ground. It was going to the ground fast, but fortunately I was able to make the play."