Packers still the one

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Maybe the worst part about Christmas night for the Bears was that for a while there, they felt pretty good about it.

Down 7-3 in the second quarter and 14-10 in the third, things were actually looking hopeful. Or as hopeful as a 7-7 season with virtually no hope for the postseason can look.

After all, their third and fourth-string running backs had combined for 127 yards on 24 carries by halftime. Their third-string quarterback was carrying a 90-plus quarterback rating in the second quarter and certainly wasn't doing anything to embarrass them. They even had some serious momentum going in the first half with the offense controlling the ball and the defense bearing down for three straight three-and-outs.

When left guard Edwin Williams scooped up a fumble at the goal line for a touchdown in the third quarter, a Chicago sports fan still giddy from a Bulls' comeback victory over the Lakers may have even allowed himself a moment where a Bears' upset over the Packers seemed, well, possible.

But just like the abrupt turn of events that converted a 7-3 Bears season to 7-8, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers flicked aside their old rival aside like little more than an annoying little brother.

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