Bears coach positively maddening

In some ways you almost have to admire the half-crazed, half-full philosophy of Lovie Smith.

As the Chicago Bears coach put it Monday, “When you’re 7-8 and some disappointing things have happened during the course of the season, the only thing you can do is get to 8-8 . . . ”

He also ticked off the many other good things that happened with the Bears’ first victory in their last six games Sunday, like the offense getting to 2,000 rushing yards for the season; special teams reaching plus-40 net yards; Charles Tillman returning a team-record fifth career interception for a touchdown; and of course, the team extending its winning streak against the Minnesota Vikings to five games.

“All those things were important for our football team,” Smith said.

How can you not admire that sort of rationale?

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