Chat wrap: What to do with J'Marcus Webb?

Every Friday at noon Michael C. Wright spends an hour taking your questions about the Chicago Bears. Here are some highlights from today's chat:

jim grazis (leesburg fl)

J'marcus Webb. Enough excuses. What I see is a player who just does not have the talent to succeed as a starter. Not quick enough on his feet is his greatest shortcoming. Your take?

Michael C. Wright

Jim, don't be so hard on the Nation, who played at my alma mater. I'm gonna say that talent isn't a question with Webb. What is, though, is maturity. Webb is actually the most physically gifted lineman on Chicago's roster. His problems are mental more than anything.I've talked several times to Mike Tice about Webb, and the coach is very high on him from an athletic standpoint. But Webb is a guy who makes mental busts from time to time, and isn't always dilligent with his preparation. He's also a guy who goes into the dumps after having a bad play, which can't happen over the course of an NFL game. You have a bad play, you have to forget about it and move on to the next play. With Webb, sometimes those types of things snowball on him, leading to progressively worse performances throughout a game.


TheDano (Mankato, MN)

Who starts opposite Brandon Marshall at WR opening week?

Michael C. Wright

You guys don't want to hear it. But Devin Hester will start opposite Brandon Marshall in Week 1. That's the plan right now with the team looking to work Alshon Jeffery in the slot and in Hester's outside position on occasion.

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