Cutler carefree, confident -- and dangerous

CHICAGO -- Of Jay Cutler's many attributes, you would think his arm would be No. 1, perhaps followed by his winsome smile. But you'd be wrong.

"The best thing he has is confidence," Brandon Marshall said after Sunday's season-opening win over the Colts. "It doesn't matter what happens with our offense, Jay's confidence is going to be sky-high."

Cutler, who has been known to grimace and mumble his way through a news conference, seemed bold, funny and yes, confident when addressing reporters Tuesday. When asked about possible physical coverage from Green Bay cornerbacks, he had this to say: "Good luck," he said. "We invite press coverage."

He definitely wasn't talking about the media coverage, though that should be at full bandwagon capacity with this team's potential. No, Cutler was saying bring it on, Green Bay, this isn't the Bears team of yesteryear, or to be more specific, last year.

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