Don't rain on Bears' parade

November, 12, 2012
CHICAGO -- To borrow a tired phrase you might have heard before around these parts, the Chicago Bears are still who we thought they were after a soggy 13-6 loss to the Houston Texans on Sunday night.

Don’t get washed away with negativity, because this was already a team with obvious flaws, almost all of them on offense. Those flaws just got covered up during the previous two months with defensive dazzle and garbage-time scores.

The Bears are still a great defense capable of carrying a team to the playoffs. Still a bleak offense with a sporadic chance of making it rain. Still a Super Bowl contender. Still a team that hasn’t beaten a really good team yet this year -- 0-2 with a date in San Francisco next Monday. Still a team that employs tight end Kellen Davis for some unknown reason. Still a team riding Tim Jennings' career year.

Were the Bears, now 7-2 after the end of a six-game winning streak, exposed as playoff pretenders under harsh national lights? Not quite. Do they leave you wanting more? Absolutely.

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Jon Greenberg

Jon Greenberg is a columnist for He has lived and worked in Chicago since 2003, and is a graduate of Ohio University and the University of Chicago.



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