Trestman right guy for Bears job

CHICAGO -- For the Chicago Bears, the present is finally here, if not the future. It's refreshing and a little scary to know that in hours or days, the Bears will have a new coach.

Unless, of course, they McGinnis the operation, but that's doubtful. This is the George McCaskey era. The Phil Emery era. Things get accomplished in timely manner.

Goodbye to 60 years of darkness, John Shoop, Terry Shea and the like. Open up the curtains at Halas Hall and let in the light.

The long, laborious list of candidates for the open head coaching position on Football Drive has been reportedly winnowed to three, give or take a mystery candidate lurking on the gravel road outside the Walter Payton Center.

All three are offensive-minded guys, proving the conventional wisdom correct.

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