Bears poised to surprise this season

CHICAGO -- In my limited time covering the Chicago Bears, starting way back in Year 1 of the Jay Cutler era, I've pretty much figured out you can't quite figure out this team. Or at least I can't. I can predict records pretty easily, but can never quite figure out how the Bears get there.

That's the beauty of the NFL, though. Every team has a chance because everyone knows they don't know anything. Or something like that.

Given the amazing amount of time spent/wasted on predicting and pontificating on the Bears in Chicago, it's fair to assume a lot of our guesses will be whiffs.

(And when I say "our," I basically mean "my," but maybe also "yours." It's the universal "we.")

If you're looking for unbiased, numbers-backed, national perspective on the Bears, the kind that throws out narratives, the folks at Football Outsiders, which had the Bears winning 10.2 games last year (they went under at 10-6) have them winning 8.1 this year.

That basically fits the narrative that despite the general consensus on the end of Lovie Smith's tenure, his departure could mean continued mediocrity.

I think the Bears prove Football Outsiders wrong this time, and I say that in full awareness they are much smarter than I. I'm embracing my wrongness.

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