Chicago Bears: Alex Rodriguez

Barkley: People love to hate Cutler, A-Rod

October, 22, 2012
Alex Rodriguez and Jay CutlerUS PresswireAlex Rodriguez and Jay Cutler have had their problems with public relations throughout their careers.
Charles Barkley has noticed a similarity between Jay Cutler and Alex Rodriguez, and it's not one either player would covet.

"I think A-Rod is actually in the Jay Cutler category, people just love to hate on him," Barkley said Monday on ESPN 1000's "The Waddle & Silvy Show." "If you look at (Rodriguez being benched in the ALCS) from the outside looking in, there were guys hitting less than A-Rod who nobody even mentioned. There are just certain guys that people ... that they just don't like him. ... And I think Jay Cutler, unfortunately, he's in that category, like 'We're not going to like him no matter what.'"

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