Chicago Bears: Junior Seau

Seau's death hits close to home for ex-Bear

May, 2, 2012
Junior SeauLuc Leclerc/US PresswireHunter Hillenmeyer, who has been active in advocating for the NFL to be better equipped to handle head injuries, was saddened at news of Junior Seau's death on Wednesday.

Hunter Hillenmeyer, a former Chicago Bears linebacker whose NFL career was cut short by head injuries, expressed sadness -- but not necessarily shock -- at the news of Junior Seau’s death Wednesday.

Seau, a 43-year-old former All-Pro linebacker, was found unconscious with a gunshot wound to the chest by his girlfriend Wednesday but lifesaving efforts were unsuccessful. Police were investigating the possibility that Seau's death was a suicide.

“The first way I heard about it was just a text that said, ‘That’s crazy about Seau,’” Hillenmeyer told ESPN 1000’s “Chicago’s GameNight” on Wednesday. “And what, to me, the scariest thing is that that was all I knew before I checked Twitter or tried to figure out what happened, and I already assumed exactly what it was. I don’t know him personally. I was obviously a big fan of his and the way he played the game.”

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