Chicago Bears: Michael Wilbon

So what could we possibly have done to deserve this sentence of six months in professional sports hell? Which of the sporting gods did Chicago offend to bring about this karma? I grew up accepting the Cubs were cursed, but not the Bears and Bulls, too. Since November, though, a one-two punch to the civic groin has left us face down and semi-conscious in an alley. The Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup in June of 2010; then seven months later the Bears advanced to the NFC Championship game. Looked like smooth sailing. Maybe Jay Cutler spraining his knee was a tip-off we were about to enter a nuclear winter.

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Wilbon: Hanie doesn't need to be hero

November, 22, 2011
It took forever, or close to it, for the Chicago Bears to develop a passing game that was as modern as the times; how quickly they came to depend upon it … and come to miss it at least temporarily now that Jay Cutler's right thumb is busted and he's out until Christmas or so. Can we agree that the Chicago Bears' passing game has never been more sophisticated than it's been this season, especially in recent weeks?

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Wilbon: Bears win with 'D,' special teams

November, 13, 2011
When the Chicago Bears are really good, which is to say, a serious contender, there's a specific formula that works for this franchise. Punishing defense plus electrifying special teams and a dash of offense equals a potentially special season. The Bears are on the verge of that now, right at the edge of something promising.

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WASHINGTON -- There were Terrible Towels being waved and what appeared to be a Cheesehead or two. The folks in the Packers jerseys seemed to be clustered at one end, quite a few tables away from people wearing Steelers jerseys, most of them seated a safe distance away in what amounted to a neutral corner. The room -- purported to be the largest in the White House, the East Room, the one with the Gilbert Stuart-painted portrait of George Washington that was saved from the 1814 fire -- was filled with people and, yes, cheering.

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Wilbon: Dent belongs in the Hall of Fame

February, 4, 2011
DALLAS -- It might not be the greatest class of finalists Pro Football Hall of Fame voters have ever had to consider, but it could be the most difficult to judge. One of the oft-repeated phrases used by selectors to justify turning thumbs down on a candidate has always been, "It's not the Hall of Very Good; it's the Hall of Fame." In other words, only truly great players should be granted entry.

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