Chicago Bears: President Barack Obama

Obama still believes in Bears after loss

December, 3, 2012
The Chicago Bears have dropped three of their last four games to fall into second place in the NFC North after a 23-17 loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, but the First Fan isn't giving up hope.

During a Q&A on middle class tax cuts on Twitter, President Barack Obama was asked which Chicago team, the White Sox, Bulls or Bears would win a title first.

"da bears still gotta shot, despite sad loss this weekend! plus rose will return for playoffs!!! -bo," Obama tweeted.

Bulls star Derrick Rose is working his way back from May knee surgery and his return date is uncertain.

Back when the Bears were flying high at 7-1 following a 51-20 victory over the Tennessee Titans, Obama expressed his support for the Bears the night before the Nov. 6 election, telling "Monday Night Football" that the Bears have the "best defense in the league right now. You saw (Sunday's) game. (Charles) Tillman may be defensive player of the year the way he's playing."

Tillman honored by Obama's praise

November, 7, 2012
Charles Tillman thanked President Barack Obama for the "shout-out" after Obama said the Chicago Bears cornerback may be the defensive player of the year during a pre-election appearance on "Monday Night Football."

"I think it's a huge honor," Tillman said Wednesday. "I'm happy he won. I (congratulate) him and his family. It was a great honor. I was actually asleep when he did the interview. I go to bed early with four kids. I was asleep, but I had a bunch of text messages that morning when I woke up. I definitely thought it was cool to get mentioned by our Commander in Chief. So yeah, thanks for the shout-out."

Obama and Mitt Romney did an interview at halftime of the Eagles-Saints game on Monday and praised his hometown team.

"Best defense in the league right now," Obama said. "You saw (Sunday's) game. (Charles) Tillman may be defensive player of the year the way he's playing."

Tillman, the NFC defensive player of the month for October, forced a career-high four fumbles against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. He has forced seven fumbles this season to go along with two interceptions and six passes defended.'s Jeff Dickerson contributed to this report.

Obama, Romney talk football on MNF

November, 5, 2012
President Barack Obama thinks his hometown Chicago Bears are good enough to win the Super Bowl this year. Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney remembers that the New England Patriots won two of their three Super Bowl titles while he was governor of Massachusetts.

On the eve of the presidential election, the two men vying for the presidency took time to share their thoughts on football in specific, sports in general and their race for the White House in separate satellite interviews with ESPN's Chris Berman, shown at halftime of Monday night's Philadelphia Eagles-New Orleans Saints game.

Obama, a passionate Chicago sports fan, said he thinks the Bears, 7-1 on the season after beating the Tennessee Titans 51-20 on Sunday, are Super Bowl contenders.

"Best defense in the league right now," Obama said. "You saw (Sunday's) game. (Charles) Tillman may be defensive player of the year the way he's playing." Tillman forced four fumbles on Sunday.

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1985 Chicago Bears still buzzworthy

October, 7, 2011
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Twenty-five years later, there was no mistaking the sight of a 52-year-old Jim McMahon sitting behind the President of the United States on the South Lawn of the White House in a suit, tie, white headband and tennis shoes.

For all those pinheads who wish the 1985 Chicago Bears would go away already, there they were again Friday, honored for their contribution as Super Bowl champions; getting overdue attention from Washington for, the nerve of them, being one of the greatest teams in NFL history.

Also reminding us, and maybe still informing those too young or too thick to realize, just how big a part of popular culture they were and, as such, always will be.

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Obama salutes '85 Bears

October, 7, 2011

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama has saluted the 1985 Chicago Bears, his hometown team, for winning the Super Bowl a quarter century ago.

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Bears fan Obama gracious to Pack

August, 12, 2011
WASHINGTON -- Welcoming the Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers to the White House was no easy task for President Barack Obama.

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