Chicago Bears: Scoop Jackson

Angelo's critics unshockingly silent

November, 18, 2011
About a month ago, I wrote a draft for a column about Jerry Angelo called "The Audacity of Hopelessness."

It never ran. My editors never posted it. Smart people. They knew.

One of the great elements in the dynamics of sports journalism is when someone saves you from yourself. It happens often. More than I (or any other writer) would care to mention. Hindsight in this game can be frightening. Expose the painstakingly guarded hypocrite in all of us.

Look at them now. These Bears. The same team that this time in October was posting a 2-3 record, and had columnists and radio hosts calling for Angelo's head to be neatly placed on the NFL GM guillotine, had this writer taking pride in writing lines such as: "This Bears team -- this year's version, the one that once had our noses open like Rick Perry once had the country, and gave us the audacity to dream -- is who we thought they weren't."

Now that in a four-week span the Bears have gone from "horrible" to arguably "the most feared team" in the NFC -- if not the entire NFL -- why is the praise for Angelo so silent? I can't hear it. Can you?

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Bears not team to please Lance Briggs

August, 29, 2011
Does he have the right? Is he right? Can we blame Lance Briggs for his latest demand?

The question I think we all need to ask in Lance Briggs Gate II is whether Briggs has outperformed the nature of his contract, the one he publicly lobbied to get just three years ago?

Blame him for going to the media to demand a trade? Blaming Briggs is secondary. This is what he does. He complains when it comes to money. He did the same thing in 2007, even though he didn't ask for a trade the last time.

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Scoop finds no room on Bears' bandwagon

January, 20, 2011
When is it too late to jump on a bandwagon?

Some fans believed in the Bears through thick and thin.All season long, I have been critical. Not just for the sake of criticism or 'hatin' on 'em -- or even because I happen to be one of those people who doesn't believe you have an obligation to root for a team just because you live in that team's city -- but because I didn't believe. I wasn't one of them.

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