Scotty Bowman preaches discipline to Hawks

When the great Scotty Bowman talks, people usually listen. The Chicago Blackhawks Senior Adviser touched on several subjects in advance of the opening round game against the Nashville Predators:

What would he preach before the series starts: “Patience. There are so many close games now, you have to play a steady game. At home you can’t let the crowd be anxious. You have to play a pretty disciplined game.”

“Even last [Wednesday] night, four one goal games. 20 goals scored in the four games. Seven by defensemen, eight power play goals. Those were the ingredients that showed up last night. It was tight.”

The Hawks propensity to get out to leads: “The 2-0 lead, that next goal is so huge. You get it, it’s a real gap, they get it, they have momentum.”

The Hawks statistical advantages over the Predators: “You’re not playing the same team every night [in the regular season]. You’re playing different teams and sometimes you can take a team lightly and things like that. So it’s hard to say this or that is going to happen in a series based on stats.”

Home Ice: “When I first started home ice was real important. Now, you can’t win just [relying] on winning your home games because you’re going to lose some. You have to win on the road.”