Quenneville lauds Turco for 'goalie win'

Although Marty Turco gave up three goals, Joel Quenneville still called the 4-3 Chicago Blackhawks win over the Buffalo Sabres a “goalie win.”

“Over the course of the year, you get a few and that’s one of them,” Quenneville said after the game. “I thought he made several key saves particularly as we went down the stretch. He was sharp and alert. He did a good job.”

“Down the stretch” is the important part of that analysis. In previous losses Turco has been unable to make saves -- of both the spectacular and unspectacular variety -- in trying to shut the door at the end of games. He simply wasn’t being clutch. On Saturday, he did it in dramatic fashion with a parade of Hawks going to the penalty box late in the third period.

“The whole world I live in mentally revolves around not going after it but waiting for it,” Turco said of the ending.” You’re either waiting for the one shot or twenty [but] it’s just one at a time.”

Turco stopped 38 on the night. That was a whopping 21 more than his counterpart, Patrick Lalime. Once the Hawks got the lead, Turco knew the Sabres were coming.

“After [the comeback] went down, it was time to shut the door, man,” Turco stated. “The penalty killers did a great job. It was a fun night. A little tense though.”

Tense, it certainly was, especially when Duncan Keith is in the box and the opposing goaltender is on the bench to finish the game, but Turco was up to the task.

“It was a goalie win,” Quenneville said.