Sharp, Hossa continue outstanding play

The Quote: “I kind of had a feeling he was coming over to me. If he didn’t, he was going to get an earful after the game.” -- Patrick Sharp, who scored the game-winner off a pass from Patrick Kane.

Marian Hossa and Patrick Sharp. Sharp and Hossa. The boxscore has been littered with their names during the Chicago Blackhawks’ current three-game winning streak.

They’ve done it in dramatic fashion, and Monday’s 3-2 comeback win over the St. Louis Blues in overtime was no different.

“[Joel Quenneville] decided to change lines in the third, and both lines had a spark and we started to create chances,” Hossa said.

Hossa was reunited with Jonathan Toews and the rest was history. First came Hossa’s power-play score and then two and a half minutes later, a highlight reel goal, through Hossa’s legs with his back to the net. Once down 2-0, the Hawks had tied it, thanks to Hossa.

“I was turned around towards the goalie and I knew it was kind of a scrum and I tried to just sneak it under everybody and the puck went in,” Hossa explained. “Good things happen.”

Yes, good things happen when you have the talent and good health that Hossa currently possesses. He’s been unleashed this season and if there is an MVP for mid-October it has to be No. 81.

“I had a good start when I was younger, but this is one of them, that’s for sure,” Hossa said in the understatement of the day.

Hossa has seven goals and four assists in seven games this season.

“[Hossa] really picked the whole team up there, scoring and then scoring again,” Quenneville said. “He had the puck a lot tonight, too, as well, and he’s tough to defend with his speed, quickness, and his great skill in his hands around the net. He’s been playing at a great level for us and was instrumental in us getting back in the game. It ended up being a huge two points for us.”

Hossa and Sharp seem to have the puck on a string. Nearly every time they touch it, something good seems to happen.

“Sharpie told me, ‘A good scorer, the puck finds you’,” Hossa said.

Sharp has three game-winning goals in a row and when he’s at his best, he’s the quintessential sniper. He finds the scoring areas.

“Whether its back door or down the slot, when the puck is going in, you seem to find those quiet areas and the puck comes to you a bit more,” Sharp said. “It was a great pass by [Jassen Cullimore] and [Patrick Kane] and I saw it coming a mile away. I think Kaner did too.”

Sharp knows eyes will be on Kane when he’s doing his thing. It’s his job to get open.

“[Kane] hesitated just a second there and saw me coming in,” Sharp explained. “He didn’t just look and pass, he kind of sold the shot and then sent it over.”

And Sharp did the rest. After Hossa did it first.